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Oral Cancer screening exam

Our office uses the latest technology to screen all adult recare (check-up) patients for beginning signs of deep inflamation to pre-cancer lesions. We use the Velscope imaging device that points a pure blue light at all the layers of cells that make up the skin lining the mouth. That light makes the tissue layers fluoresce

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I had fun helping this young lady see over the counter so she could ask for crayons and paper to draw on while her Mom saw Becky for her semi-annual visit.  this young lady is holding the container of crayons!

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Our new sign

It was time for a new sign to light up the front of our office in Manchester Missouri. The office front faces the parking lot and is visible from highway 141. Our sign directs patients to our office location. We got help from our patient who designs major renovations of large clocks situated in buildings

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