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Dental Bonding

Helps Your Smile Look Dazzling

Dental bonding is a simple procedure, yet it can completely transform the appearance of your smile. Dental bonding covers stains and structural blemishes, such as chips or cracks, and can be used to change the length and shape of your teeth, close gaps and conceal minor misalignments. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, dental bonding by Manchester dentist Robert Rothenberg, serving patients throughout St. Louis County, is an easy way to make a big change.

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The Dental Bonding Procedure

Dental bonding uses a moldable, composite resin to make cosmetic enhancements to teeth in a single appointment. Once it is hardened by fiber optic light, it forms a strong surface that functions just like a natural tooth, and blends in nicely with tooth enamel. Anesthesia is not required for this painless procedure, though local anesthetic and nitrous oxide are always available for patients who feel anxious.

To begin the bonding process, Dr. Rothenberg will select a composite resin shade that blends naturally with your teeth. Then he will clean and isolate the teeth to be treated, apply a liquid conditioning agent to help the resin adhere tightly and form a solid bond, apply the putty-like resin to the teeth, then mold and smooth the material into the desired shape. When all bonding material is in place, Dr. Rothenberg will use a fiber optic arc light to cure the resin, a quick process per tooth. Finally, Dr. Rothenberg will trim, polish and buff the surface of the finished teeth.

Dental Bonding vs. Whitening and Lumineers®

Bonding is a safe and effective process, used in a variety of dental applications, including replacing amalgam fillings with tooth-colored resin. Depending on the patient's needs, goals and budget, Dr. Rothenberg sometimes recommends dental bonding as an alternative to teeth whitening. Professional teeth bleaching is an effective way to remove surface stains, but intrinsic stains caused by excessive flouride, medications, or trauma cannot be treated with this method. Dental bonding can be used to coat a discolored tooth with a lighter, brighter shade, providing an instant whitening effect that lasts for years.

LUMINEERS® are thin pieces of porcelain applied to the surface of teeth to achieve a result similar to dental bonding. LUMINEERS® also offer instant whitening, and can transform the shape, size and symmetry of your teeth. As compared to LUMINEERS®, dental bonding is more affordable, and treatment is usually complete in one office visit. Dental Bonding will last for several years before repairs may be needed. However, dental bonding may not last as long as LUMINEERS®.