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Snap on Smile

Achieve an Instant Makeover with a Snap-On Smile®

For patients seeking a fast and affordable smile makeover, Dr. Robert Rothenberg offers this exciting dental appliance, the Snap-On-Smile®, in his Manchester dental office which serves patients throughout St. Louis County.

Many patients are unhappy with the appearance of their smile for a variety of reasons. They may have irregularly shaped, worn or stained teeth, or teeth with awkward spacing, chips, and other cosmetic imperfections. Snap-On Smile® is a great choice for patients who want a quick solution to cosmetic dental problems, or who simply do not want to deal with more extensive dental procedures. It's also ideal for patients on a budget who would like to enhance their smiles.

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What Is Snap-On Smile®?

A Snap-On Smile® is a full row of beautiful prosthetic teeth coverings that slip over your natural teeth like a glove. Available for both upper and lower teeth, this appliance is created using a patented formula of high-tech dental resin. The Snap-On Smile® is made to be ultra-thin, yet durable, and looks like a gleaming set of naturally white, symmetrical teeth. It's easy to pop in your Snap-On Smile®, and just as easy to slip it off, so your new smile is available whenever you want it.

Snap-On Smile® is an innovative solution for anyone who prefers a fast, effective smile makeover that will allow you to maintain the structural integrity of your original teeth. Alternative treatments such as veneers require teeth to be filed down, eliminating the option to reverse your decision, but Snap-On Smile® is a non-invasive option that can be worn or removed whenever you choose. Snap-On Smile® can cover all your dental imperfections, including missing teeth. Some patients who are unhappy with a partial denture appliance choose Snap-On Smile® as an effective alternative.

How It Works

Dr. Rothenberg can provide your Snap-On Smile® in two appointments. At the first appointment, you will select the shade and style of smile that suits your appearance and cosmetic goals. You will have many to choose from - Snap-On Smile® provides a choice of 23 shades and 18 different smile styles. Dr. Rothenberg will then make a detailed series of impressions and send them to a dental lab. There, technicians will create a Snap-On Smile® designed to fit securely, yet comfortably, over your existing teeth. In approximately two weeks, you will return to try on your new smile, and Dr. Rothenberg will explain care and maintenance procedures.

Caring For Your Snap-On Smile®

Your Snap-On Smile should last you for many years with proper care. You can eat with a Snap-On Smile® in place, but refrain from eating hard or tough foods while wearing your appliance, and be sure to brush it after every meal. A special antibacterial gel and cleaning solution are provided through our dental office. To protect your Snap-On Smile®, always keep it in its protective case when not in use.