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Care For A Lifetime

Care For a Lifetime

About a fifth of our patients are seniors, and Dr. Rothenberg is well equipped to handle the needs that arise for older patients. Many older patients suffer from missing teeth, and Dr. Rothenberg assists them with dentures, dental crowns or implants. Of course, advanced age and tooth loss need not go hand in hand. On the contrary, proper maintenance and care can help Dr. Rothenberg's patients retain their natural teeth for life. Dr. Rothenberg coaches all of his patients in preventative dental care and periodontal care. He encourages regular examinations so potential dental problems can be detected and treated early.

A potentially serious issue for adults and seniors is oral cancer. Dr. Rothenberg uses a high-sensitivity VELscope® to detect hidden abnormalities in soft oral tissues. Oral cancer is far less likely to be life-threatening when found and treated early.