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Dental Fillings

Tooth-colored Dental Fillings: Restoring Strength and Aesthetics after Cavity Treatment

Dr. Robert P. Rothenberg places tooth-colored dental fillings at his Manchester, MO, practice. Compared to traditional metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings have proven to be a much better fit for your smile in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.If you have developed a cavity, Dr. Rothenberg can use tooth-colored resin to fill the void resulting from the removal of decayed tissue. Or, if you have received a metal filling in the past, Dr. Rothenberg can replace it with a tooth-colored filling. To learn more about the benefits of tooth-colored fillings, please contact our office today.

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Do I Need A Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are the least invasive option for restoring a tooth following cavity treatment, requiring minimal alteration of the tooth. Dental fillings are used only when a small portion of the tooth structure has been compromised. If you have experienced advanced tooth decay, you may require a more extensive restorative option:

  • Dental Inlays - Inlays are used to fill a larger cavity that lies between the cusps, or outer edges of the bite surface of a tooth. They are crafted from porcelain and fabricated during the same appointment.
  • Dental Onlays - Onlays are similar to inlays, but they are designed to replace one or more cusps on a tooth.
  • Dental Crowns - Dental crowns completely cover a tooth. They are usually recommended following treatment for extensive decay.

It is important to attend biannual checkups so that Dr. Rothenberg can detect decay in the earliest stages, before extensive treatment becomes necessary.

Replacing A Metal Filling

For many years, dentists used metal amalgam for dental fillings. Metal fillings expand and contract when exposed to heat and cold, which places stress on the tooth that can eventually result in damage. Meanwhile, their dark color can make an otherwise healthy smile look unhealthy. If your amalgam filling has begun to loosen or simply makes you feel dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, Dr. Rothenberg can remove it and replace it with a tooth-colored filling.

Unlike metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings react in virtually the same way as a natural tooth when exposed to heat and cold. They also form a much stronger bond with your tooth than metal fillings. Dr. Rothenberg can carefully examine each of your fillings to determine whether they require replacement.